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Architectural Review

Table of Content

Committee Members
Responsibilities of the Architectural Committee
Declarations of Restrictions
Questions to ask before adding outside elements
Recommendations for Committee Approval

Who is on the committee: Gerald Schwebke - Chair
Carolyn Graham, Marie Kissinger, James Pettijohn

Responsibilities of the Architectural Committee:

-The Architectural Committee was created to help “establish and maintain the quality, character and aesthetics of the Subdivision” (Northfield Declaration of Restrictions page 10 Section (c).

-The committee oversees any changes or alterations to “Exterior Structures” after the completion of construction of any residence. See Declarations of Restrictions section below for specific details regarding “Exterior Structures”.

-When a resident wants to make an exterior change/alteration, they must submit a Change/Review Form (found on the Northfield website) to the Architectural Committee. The Committee will then meet to determine whether proposed changes maintain the quality, character and aesthetics of the Subdivision.

-All decisions of the Architectural Committee shall be in writing and delivered to the applicant.

-Any applicant or other person who is dissatisfied with a decision of the Architectural Committee shall have the right to appeal such decision to the Board provided such appeal is filed in writing with a member of the Board within 7 days after the date the Architectural Committee renders its written decision.

Declarations of Restrictions under the domain of Architectural Committee: (p. 4, Section 5a, 5b)

Exterior Structures: “No change or alteration in such building plans, specification s, exterior materials, location, elevations, lot grading plans, general landscaping plans or exterior color scheme shall be made unless and until such change or alteration has been submitted to and approved in writing by the Developer or the Architectural Committee, as the case may be.”

Explanation of Exterior Structures (p. 5, Section 7a,7b,7c, & Section 8)

Architectural Committee Procedures (p. 10 & 11, Section 15a,15,b,15c,15d)

Questions to ask before adding outside elements to the landscape and common areas around your home.

Do architectural elements match the quality, character, and aesthetics of the Subdivision?

What can be viewed from the roadway?

Do elements look cluttered from afar? Are there too many elements displayed?

Do combined elements fall into a design theme consistent with the Subdivision?

Would neighbors like or dislike elements? (enough to file a concern/complaint?)

Have adjacent neighbor’s been given any input regarding outside elements? (considerate neighbors build positive relationships)

Do elements cause inconvenience to the mowers or anyone else?

Are elements attractive and kept in good working order?

Recommendations for Committee Approval:

As a good rule of thumb, before Owners spend money or sign a contract for any addition or modification to the outside of their residence or surrounding Common Area, including additions or significant changes to landscaping, the homeowner should download and review the Architectural Change Review Form (found on the Northfield website). Consult with a member of the Architectural Committee BEFORE implementing changes.

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