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Who is on the committee:

Ground and Irrigation Coordinators: Henry Font, Mark Kirkpatrick

Beautification Team Coordinator: Susan Martin
Members: Eileen Kuehl, Sandi Loos, Bill McMillin, Claire Moye, Terry Marler, Becky Crenshaw and Laurie Virkstis

Responsibilities of the Grounds Committee:

The Grounds Committee will be the community liaison with the Landscaping Company hired by the HOA to maintain our community. This consists of mowing, edging, fertilizing, weed control, landscaping of common ground areas, lawn irrigation, maintenance of sprinklers and snow removal.

Responsibilities of the Beautification Team:

The Beautification Committee will serve as advisers for landscaping, maintenance and new installations for the entrances, gazebos, islands, and pocket parks throughout the neighborhood. The committee makes recommendations to the Board as to what annuals and other plants would be best suited for the areas and communicates with the Grounds Coordinator regarding maintenance and irrigation needs for the above mentioned areas.

Responsibilities of the Legacy Tree Team:

The Legacy Tree Team will coordinate the trimming of Legacy Trees that brush up against homes in the subdivision. The team will also monitor trees that appear diseased and recommend removal. Please use the Online Grounds Concerns Form to notify the Grounds Committee of any Legacy Trees that need attention.

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